Getting Ready to be Poor

My sister laughs, says she can eat Ramen noodles

for lunch and dinner, instead of just lunch.

It’s no big deal. She’s been poor before.

No washing whites in hot.

No deodorant, floss, Q-tips, Kotex or Midol.

One-ply toilet paper. No Kleenex. No cotton balls.

No new shoes. No espresso. No Red Bull, or Taco Bell.

No vacation, Lord knows, and no cash for the collection plate.

But, she says, I can take on more cleaning jobs. I can do that.


Ginger Andrews, from Hurricane Sisters, © 2004





  1. What would you have to do without if you suddenly found yourself with half of your income? Look through your cupboards, refrigerator, pantry, and list the little “extras” that have come into your life. These are the beginning of what you’ll have to give up.
  2. Now walk slowly through each of your rooms. What “essentials” must be sacrificed as you adjust to your reduced circumstances?
  3. Lastly, write a poem about the extra joy you imagine yourself taking on. Give specifics (sounds, odors, objects) associated with this new activity. Be sure to include some description about how you feel stepping into this new position.


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