Superhero Sends a Letter Home

Editor’s Note: After much activity, I am resting a bit. Feeling silly. Feeling light-hearted. What  a wonderful word: “Lighthearted.”  I hope you take time to experience a bit of giddiness now and then.

Begin by reading the following poem! (With thanks to my friend Susan deWardt, who first shared this with me. I’m sorry I do not know the poet’s identify).

Dear Mum,
Things haven’t been too good just lately
Speeding bullets overtake me
My dizzy spells and fear of heights
Inconvenience all my flights.
The purple tights you sent at last
Have given me a nasty rash.
X-ray vision’s not all it seems
I’m sick of seeing bones and spleens.
My tinnitus is getting worse
The seams upon my trunks have burst.
I’ve got an aching in my head
I’m out of breath getting out of bed
To top it all the yoghurt stains
In my satin cloak remain.
My love life hit a downward whirl
I’m no longer seeing Dandruff Girl.
She’s gone off with Ali Tosis
The Bad Breath Boy who smells the mostest.
I’m scared of going out at night
I run away when I should fight.
So as you see things could be better
But not much worse as I end this letter.
My super powers are minus zero
Your loving son,
A Failing Hero

Author Unknown

1. Write a letter in response to this ailing Superhero, from his Mother. 
2. Compose a poem about the superpowers you would like to possess.
3. Write the directions for getting yogurt stains out of a satin cloak. Be very specific!

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